After a long hiatus… Biking in the Czech Republic

I should begin by saying that the previous 2 1/2 weeks traveling with my sister was hands down one of the best traveling experiences of my life. It was a perfect check up to make sure that we were maturing properly and capable of really enjoying each other’s company for a long period of time. I’m happy to report that we are.


Hitchhiking to Poland!

It was sad when she left from Olomouc but luckily our incredibly cool host there Pavel (our favorite of the trip by far) invited me to stay an extra night. As you would expect with the co-owner of one of the most popular up and coming breweries in Olomouc, it was a night full of good beer, good company, and good conversation.


With Pavel and friend in Vertigo bar

The next day I stopped into the brewery again to pick up a couple bottles of his beer as a gift for my next host, and snapped a few shots of the brewing process.


Fermenting beer! And I cleaned that tank fyi.


One of the brewers hard at work.

But then it was off to Brno for a day on my way south to Mikulov, where I rented my bike. Brno was nice with a big castle and nice parks. But it was the tiny southern Czech town of Mikulov (population: 8000) that truly enchanted me.


Jan drinking one of his many delicious teas

That was probably partially due to my awesome couchsurfing host Jan who was one of the coolest, cookiest guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a while. He’s training to be a shiatsu masseuse and was very knowledgeable about all things relating to far-eastern religion and medecine. He also invited me to his weekly English club where I met three of his friends, all interested in English (and really good at speaking it!) and willing to tell me all about their town and Czech culture in general.


The beautiful town of Mikulov in the background.

Today I finally set off on my biking expedition. The rolling fields with red flowers made for very idyllic scenery. Some of the prettiest I’ve seen on my trip.


After biking for 60km or so, I stopped at a very inviting wine cellar/hotel. The jovial Deni gave me a tour of his 200-year old cellar complete with tastings of some of his fresh and delicious wines.


I told him I wanted to buy a bottle for my couchsurfing hosts this evening so he took a freshly filled bottle, put the label on it, wrapped it up and gave it to me. And I mean gave it to me. When I tried to pay he refused and told me it was a gift. I was flabbergasted but grateful and continued on my way.


Finally after 75km of biking, I arrived at my destination for the night, Znojmo.


It was a tiring but very successful first day of biking. Tonight is Night of the Churches all over this region so I should have some fun events to look forward to.


2 thoughts on “After a long hiatus… Biking in the Czech Republic

  1. Martha says:

    OMG I absolutely love this!!!! I can also keep up w you via blog too- so well written (love hearing about your interactions w the people along the way)! The people you and Liz interact w are so hospitable. Thank you muchly for your entry! Go Austy!

  2. Linda Digged says:

    Yea, I’m so glad we get to follow you on your trip. Thanks for the experience! Linda

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