A good one to go out on

So I meant to post the following entry 5 days ago right after arriving in Česky Krumlov but I just realized that it never uploaded. Here it finally is:

Ahhhh… I write to you dear readers from the comfortable and relaxing river terrace of my hostel in Česky Krumlov. This has been quite a day though. This morning I awoke to discover that the courtyard of the hostel where I was staying (and my beautiful bike in said courtyard) was inaccessible. So after an hour of waiting for someone to arrive I took matters into my own hands and essentially broke into the courtyard and wrestled my back through a window. I’m pretty sure if I ever choose a life of crime, I have the necessary skills.


Bike just after being smuggled through the window

I was rewarded for my breaking and exiting by a scenic riverside ride to the coolest castle I’ve seen so far.


And as you know, I’ve seen a lot of castles. I don’t really have any facts to give you about this castle because the only tour was in Czech. I can say that it was awesome though.


Like Disneyland awesome. There was also a really great gallery in the old church next to the castle with some cool modern art as well as an impressive collection of gothic art.




Not modern

I then decided to do a pretty big loop and go see Holašovice, a UNESCO world heritage site due to it’s 13th century farm buildings that have been continuously in use and show the typical 19th century South Bohemiam architecture (there are the facts).


At this point I realized I was running a bit behind. I had told my hostel I’d arrive around 5pm but it was already 415 and I had chosen a very hilly (mountainous might be a better word) route to Česky Krumlov. To get to Holašovice I had spent about 45 minutes to go 15km straight into a very strong wind that despite my yelling and cursing would not subside. So I was pretty spent already.


Luckily I was quickly welcomed back into the dense windproof cover of the woods. With beautiful views of rolling valleys.


Unluckily rolling valleys also means an obscene amount of hills. Hills followed by quick exhilarating descents and then… MORE HILLS. So yeah the point is there were a lot of hills. But the forest was beautiful.


And I actually did bike up a mountain so I had a ridiculously fun and satisfying conclusion to my bike tour/entrance into Česky Krumlov.


View of the city on my way down into it

The hostel where I’m staying tonight is run by two of the coolest people I’ve ever met in a hostel. One is from LA and described the city as “that really cool friend you have who doesn’t talk much and you always tell your other friends ‘I promise she’s really cool once you get to know her.’ You just have to spend a LONG time getting to know her.” They recommended an awesome vegetarian restaurant to me where I had a delicious veggie curry with this wonderful view.


It really is a beautiful city, not too big, tons of old pretty buildings, a CASTLE, all surrounded by water. I’ve already requested to extend my stay here by one night. I don’t think Prague will mind. And check out the graffiti I found.


Best narration for a selfie I've seen yet

Also, total mileage for those interested:



Okay thanks for reading about the bike trip. If I do anything else interesting on my travels I’ll write another post or two. Peace!


One thought on “A good one to go out on

  1. Darlen says:

    Well done! I do not recommend a life of crime for you though! Sounds like your day was worth the rough times with the beautiful sites!

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