A relaxing respite


The south Bohemian jewel of Česky Krumlov felt like an anomaly to me after a week of biking through tiny Czech towns, encountering almost no native English speakers. After a week of conversing primarily in very basic English, it was comforting but also a slight shock to run into a cast of Americans in this tiny hamlet tucked into the hills of South Bohemia. Four days there gave me the time to reflect and feel a little more grounded in spite of my recent nomadism.


My favorite fish pond in all of Česky Krumlov

I had some great talks with one of the owners of a hostel I stayed in who hailed all the way from LA. She had lived what sounded like a more nomadic, untraditional life so her reflections were extremely helpful in processing what I envision for myself in the next decade of living.


Skippy playing guitar and singing beautifully

I felt quickly at ease in the city and could have easily spent a week or more there. I passed hours at the above pond hidden in the back of the castle gardens, observing the narratives of multiple duck families. I took daily swims in the swift river that coils back and forth around the town center, making it feel like an island and providing countless riverside strolling opportunities.


I also decided to hike up a nearby mountain on a whim my last day and was rewarded with beautiful views of the city below as well as all the countryside I had traversed on my last day of biking.



Although with each passing day I long more and more for the comfort and familiarity of home, the incredible freedom I enjoy is not lost on me. Rarely am I able and inclined to pursue any fanciful whim I might have on such a regular basis as this trip has allowed me. That is one of the joys of travel that bring me to these farflung places time and again. I’m almost at the end of my 3 day stay in Prague and then just a couple more weeks before I jet back home. Do I sound travel weary? 🙂


One thought on “A relaxing respite

  1. Martha says:

    Hey austy- the pond w the lily pads reminded me of monet’s painting. I loved hearing about your last biking adventures!

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