Czech Canada

Biking today, I felt like I was transported to another country, maybe even another continent, maybe even… Canada? Strange as it may sound, the region I biked through today is called Czech Canada.


It was hands down the most beautiful day of riding so far. I chose to leave behind the well-marked Prague-Vienna Greenway and went through the depths of the spruce forests that make this region so enchanting.


I even managed to stumble upon a bison ranch, which was bizarre but idyllic.


They had some interesting Native American wood carved sculptures and teepees scattered around. I saw no signs and didn’t stick around long enough to ask anyone so the origins of these anachronistic items will remain a mystery.


After I emerged from the woods I biked through farmlands with ponds and lakes around every turn. The one above was particularly peaceful and I spent a nice moment lapping up the tranquil surroundings.


Unfortunately I was unable to find a couchsurfing host for the night so I’m staying in a hostel that turned out to be surprisingly well situated right next to the castle.


The castle rotunda just beside the hostel

I also want to mention my awesome hosts last night. Tomáš and Marushka were two very open and laid back individuals with a lovely home and family.


Marushka in their beautiful garden

They’re both involved with a nonprofit based in Slavonice called the Center for the Future that works on landscaping projects trying to bridge the historic and cultural divide between the Czech Republic and Austria.


Poster showing a project the center is working on

And it just so happened that when I showed up to their home, they were in the middle of a meeting with the owners of the nonprofit, two Coloradans named John and Pam. Such strange coincidences seem to be the norm with couchsurfing and I really love that about it.


One thought on “Czech Canada

  1. Martha says:

    Monday’s trek did look exceptional! It appeared to be a full day- the tall spruce trees were stately but all the different water views were peaceful. Glad you spent some time at the pond w a little pier. What an awesome experience Austin!

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